MAC Education Sharryn Hinchliffe

Nichara Voorjans

Dancer & Content Creator

“To be part of the M·A·C CREW is something I never thought would happen. I love to experiment with make-up, I appreciate what the brand stands for and I am proud I can now also represent it myself. I can't wait to see what M·A·C has in store for the future. New launches always get me very excited!”

Favourite products
  • • Lip Pencil ‘Swirl’
  • • False Lashes Maximizer Mascara
  • • Studio Fix Sculpt and Shape Contour Palette
  • • Mineralize Timecheck Lotion

MAC Trainer Nisha Spence

Sterre Marith

Artist & Content Creator

“I discovered the power of make-up when I went to highschool. The moment I started experimenting with different types of make-up, I felt my confidence growing. I could spend hours and hours on creating certain looks that brought to life sides of me I had not yet come to meet. Make-up always have and always will excite me, it keeps me curious and challenges me to grow into all these versions of me with confidence. A M·A·C lipstick always had its standard place on my wishlist when I was young and now certain years later, I’m an official ambassador for the brand. Life is filled with blessings and this is definitely one of them.”

Favourite products
  • • M·A·CStack Mascara
  • • Lip Pencil ‘Chestnut’
  • • Glow Play Blush ‘Cheer Up’
  • • Eye Brows Styler ‘Spiked’
  • • Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Stick ‘Pumpkin Spiced’

MAC Trainer Nisha Spence

Liandra Sadzo

Dancer & Actress

“M·A·C is the first make-up brand that showed me that makeup can also be art. Products that allow you to look creative and colorful. As a dancer and actress, it’s ideal for dance performances & TV, but also for day-to-day activities.”

Favourite products
  • • Brow Set Clear
  • • Shape & Shade Brow Tint
  • • 217S Blending Brush
  • • Glow Play Blush
  • • Extra Dimension Blush

MAC Education Sharryn Hinchliffe

Thirza King

Makeup Artist & Content Creator

“My make-up obsession started 9 years ago. I started by buying one lipstick from M·A·C every month and by now I think I have the entire collection. As a little child I always saw the fierceness in the brand, so it feels very special to be able to work with the brand and to be part of the M·A·C CREW.”

Favourite products
  • • Studio Radiance Face & Body Radiant Sheer Foundation
  • • Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
  • • Lip Liner ‘Cork’
  • • Lipglass Clear
  • • M·A·C Pigments

MAC Education Sharryn Hinchliffe

Joppe De Campeneere

Digital Creative

“M·A·C has always been a trailblazer for me. Not just in terms of products, but also by who they cast for campaigns and what audiences they address. Make-up has no boundaries, and M·A·C has always understood that.”

Favourite products
  • • Prep + Prime Fix+
  • • Powder Kiss Velvet Blur
  • • Viva Glam
  • • Glow Play Blush in ‘Blush Please’
  • • Dazzleshadow Liquid in ‘Stars in My Eyes’

MAC Trainer Nisha Spence

Zoey Hasselbank

DJ & Digital Creative

“M·A·C for me is going back to my childhood. My very first make-up products were from M·A·C Cosmetics. It’s quite a bit nostalgic! The only difference now is that my skills are 1000 times better and I learned how to use the products much better too.”

Favourite products
  • • Mineralize Skinfinish
  • • Lip Pencil ‘Chestnut’
  • • M·A·CStack Mascara
  • • Eye Brows Styler ‘Stud’
  • • Pro Longwear Concealer

MAC Trainer Nisha Spence

Maroua Oulad

Content Creator

“M·A·C has always meant a lot to me. I love how the brand drives diversity and positivity which is very important to me. I’ve been using M·A·C products since I went to high school and my first ever product I bought was the Lip Pencil in ‘Soar’, which I’m still using nowadays. To be a member of the BENELUX M·A·C CREW is a dream come true and I’m very grateful for this opportunity.”

Favourite products
  • • Studio Radiance Face & Body Radiant Sheer Foundation
  • • Lip Pencil ‘Soar’
  • • Glow Play Blush ‘No Shame’
  • • Prep + Prime Fix+
  • • Bronzing Powder ‘Golden’

MAC Education Sharryn Hinchliffe

Yuani Blindenburg

Dancer & Actor

“Being part of the M·A·C CREW feels unreal. Working with such talented, loving, and amazing people for a huge brand like this is something the 16-year-old me could only dream of. Spreading nothing but creativity, positivity, and love.”

Favourite products
  • • Lip Pencil
  • • Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
  • • Studio Fix 24-Hour Concealer
  • • Lightful C Hydrating Micellar Water
  • • Lip Conditioner

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