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Mini Lipstick Kit

A set of five mini Lipsticks.

Full Description
A set of five mini Lipsticks in neutral, pink and brickred shades and a range of finishes. Includes Package Deal, Velvet Teddy, Double Date, Plumful and You Can’t Chili With Us — all bundled in a limited edition box.
Shade Description
  • Package Deal: Warm yellow nude (Amplified)
  • Double Date: Warm pink (Amplified)
  • You Can’t Chili With Us: Brownish orange red (Amplified)
  • Velvet Teddy: Deeptone beige (Matte)
  • Plumful: Blossoming roseplum (Lustre)
Key Claims and Benefits
  • Amplified (Package Deal, Double Date, You Can’t Chili With Us): Ultracreamy, semilustrous finish
  • Matte (Velvet Teddy): Creamy matte finish
  • Lustre (Plumful): Sheer, lustrous finish
Apply to lips directly from the Lipstick bullet or use a 316S Brush for more precision.
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