Fix+ Vitality

Mini Mood-Boosting Setting Spray, Vital Apricot and Tangerine Scent, Refreshes and Sets Makeup


Fix+ Play

Mini Mood-Boosting Setting Spray, Playful Lemon and Orange Scent, Refreshes and Sets Makeup


Last All Day Set

NOW: €50
Hydrating, Refreshing, Visibly Shrinks Pores


Skincare Glow Set

NOW: €66
Hydrating, Clarifying, Luminizing


Quick Fix Set

NOW: €65
Hydrating, Conditioning, Reduces Dark Circles


M·A·C Fix+ Magic Radiance

Mist-On Moisturizing Spray, Vitamin C Adds Radiance, Hyaluronic Acid/Essential Oils Hydrate


Fix+ Balance

Mini Mood-Boosting Setting Spray, Balancing Peppermint and Bergamot Scent, Refreshes and Sets Makeup


Fix+ Awaken

Mini Mood-Boosting Setting Spray, Awakening Tea Leaf and Floral Scent, Refreshes and Sets Makeup


Fix+ Passion

Mini Mood-Boosting Setting Spray, Passionate Strawberry and Peach Scent, Refreshes and Sets Makeup


Fix+ Compassion

Mini Mood-Boosting Setting Spray, Compassionate Berry and Rose Scent, Refreshes


Fix+ (Shimmer) in Bronzelite

Hydrating, Setting Spray, Bronze Pearlescent Finish


Fix+ Calm

Mini Mood-Boosting Setting Spray, Calming Blueberry and Jasmine Scent, Refreshes and Sets Makeup


Prep + Prime Fix+ / Petal Power

Setting Spray, Hydrating, Cherry Blossom Scent


Prep + Prime Lip

Hydrating, Prevents Feathering, Retexturizing


Prep + Prime Fix+ Mattifying Mist

Refreshing, Sets Makeup, Instantly Mattifies


Prep + Prime Fix+

Hydrating Mist, Sets Makeup, Four Scents


Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion

Hydrating, Lightweight, Improves Radiance


Prep + Prime Fix+ (Shimmer)

Hydrating, Refreshing, Pearlescent Finish


Prep + Prime Pore Refiner Stick

Blurs Pores, Controls Oil, Matte Finish


Prep + Prime Essential Oils Stick

Hydrating, Multi-Purpose, Portable


Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base

Long-Wearing, Crease-Proof, Fade-Proof


Prep + Prime Natural Radiance

Hydrating, Illuminating, Controls Oil


Prep + Prime Essential Oils Grapefruit & Chamomile

Hydrating, Improves Radiance, Clarifying


Prep + Prime Face Protect Lotion SPF 50

Antioxidant-Rich, Non-Oily, SPF 50


Prep + Prime Blemish Control Gel

Calming, Promotes Healing, Prevents Blemishes


Prep + Prime Lash

Priming, Conditioning, Boosts Mascara


Prep + Prime Highlighter

Illuminating, Sheer Coverage, Long-Wearing


Prep + Prime Skin

Lightweight, Perfects Skin, Improves Radiance


Strobe Cream

Hydrating, Clarifying, Luminizing


Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone

Minimizes Pores, Mattifying, Controls Oil


Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

Sets Makeup, Reduces Shine, For All Skin Tones