Strobe Cream / MINI M·A·C


    Strobe Cream / MINI M·A·C

    A radiant moisturizer that boosts the look of dull skin and illuminates with iridescent particles.

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    Liquid Highlighter, Softest Glowing Finish, Hydrating
    M∙A∙C Strobe Cream is the ultimate quick fix for skin – now in shades of pink (Original), peach, silver, red and gold. Our strobing moisturizer, super-powered with potent botanicals, nutritious vitamins, and a mega-dose of green tea, boosts tired-looking skin. This luminous moisturizer, doubling as a liquid highlighter, brightens and clarifies your look with iridescent particles. Adds the softest glow to skin, whether you're in the sunlight or spotlight.
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